Kudu walker

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The lightweight rollator has a silver-colored aluminum frame. The rollator folds laterally, and in the folded state it fills minimally, making it easy to transport in a car or electric. like. The walker is equipped with a back belt that provides safety and support when using the seat. The seat is made of strong durable nylon. On the front is a shopping net made of durable nylon. The shopping net is equipped with 2 handles, so it can be easily removed and carried separately. The large 200 mm wheels make the walker good for both indoor and outdoor use. The push handles can be adjusted in height. The rollator is equipped with 2 lockable brakes that brake on the rear wheels. At the rear wheels a pedal is fitted to step on to facilitate the forcing of small obstacles. Includes ring bell, cane holder, and a tray that can be removed and mounted on the seat.

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