Tricycles for adults with disabilities

Whether it's called a handicap bike or a three-wheeled adult bike, the same goes for both bikes for you who feel unsure of a regular 2-wheeled bike but still want the freedom to get around safely and safely.
At Jørn Iversen ApS Rødekro, we also have tricycles with motor, so it becomes a tricycle.

Our tricycles / handicap bikes are available with both front or rear wheels. The advantage of having two wheels in front is that the bike becomes easier to pull and you always have an overview of the widest point on the bike. The advantage of a tricycle with two wheels at the rear is that the turning radius becomes smaller and you can more easily maneuver the bike around in sharp turns.

We also offer that you can try the bike for a week, we come and set the bike at your address and give you a thorough guide in using the bike - Quite free because we only want to make you happy with the bike.
If you do not want the vehicle against our expectation, it will cost you only 500 kr if we have to pick up. We come all over the country!

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