Tricycles for children

Do you remember the first time you got on a bike? The slightly fluttering feeling in the stomach of trying something new and a little dangerous? And when the bike started moving? NOW you knew nothing could hold you back! You were ready to explore, experience on your own – you were simply ready to take on the whole world! Later you started racing with the neighbour's kids, who came racing on their bikes. But your bike was now the best-looking of all children's bikes – red as a tomato, shiny and shiny, and of course it was the one that could go the fastest! Do you remember how proud you were?

If you want to give your child the same amazing experience that you have had, you will find the bike here! Jørn Iversen manufactures specially adapted tricycles for children, so that virtually all lovely kids - regardless of disability - can experience the wonderful freedom of getting around on their own!

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