Tricycles for all ages
We have a wide range of tricycles: children's bicycles, bicycles for adults, including seniors and disabled bicycles. For all the bikes, there is a comprehensive accessory program that allows you to adapt the bikes optimally to the individual user.

Tricycles are something for themselves
That is why we have developed our program of tricycles from scratch. If you choose a bicycle from Jørn Iversen, you will not receive a rebuilt two-wheeled bicycle, but rather a well-thought-out product that is adapted to your needs and needs.

Tricycles designed for users
We have a valuable and close collaboration with users of tricycles. This means that we constantly focus on developing the bikes so that they work optimally; a fact that you too can benefit from. When you get on one of our tricycles, you immediately notice how easy it is to get on the bike, thanks to the low entry height. And you experience that the bike behaves completely stably - even in the turns. This means you can feel completely safe and concentrate on enjoying the ride.

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