Electric scooters

Beware! Our electric scooters are addictive

Have you ever tried driving a limousine? Sitting in a perfect seat that gives you good support in the right places? Tilted the armrest down and sat down well? Noticed the gentle suspension that makes you feel like you're hovering on a cloud? With a accelerator that runs so easily that you can control the speed with one finger…? If you can recognize this description, you know what it feels like to drive an electric scooter from Jørn Iversen.
If not, it's time for you to try one!

Electric scooters you can ride around corners with

Like everyone else, you need to do your daily shopping, visit a doctor, visit friends and family, or go out and enjoy the fresh, clean air. With us, you will find electric scooters, which not only enable you to do all this, but at the same time give you an experience in the luxury class. You will sit well and safely, and our electric scooters are designed so that you can get around easily and quickly - even in places with limited space. You regulate the speed easily and elegantly with one or two fingers!

Top class service for top class electric scooters

If you choose one of our electric scooters, you get a very high quality product. If assistance is needed anyway, we are in a hurry. We have our own service vehicles that come out to you, no matter where you are in Denmark. And in case of a major service that cannot be completed within a reasonable time, we lend you an electric scooter for so long.

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