Tandems and Bicycles

With our tandems or bicycles you get a low entry height or better yet no entry height. There are options for different adaptations so it makes it easy to cycle together when you are no longer able to cycle alone. With our tandem / pair bike, you have the option of having a 3-step wire mounted on the bike, with which you, as the driver of the bike, can decide how much the passenger should do during the bike ride.

The 3-step thread provides the following option.
1. Passenger pedals move with driver pedals.
2.The passenger's pedals move independently of the driver's pedals.
3. The pedals move freely and the passenger can step in.

Everyone should have the freedom to get out and cycle, therefore we also offer the opportunity to borrow one of our bikes for 8 days, we come to the address, provide instruction and guidance - Quite free.



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