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user Stories

For over 40 years, we have supplied bicycles to people with reduced functional ability throughout Denmark. Many people whose enjoyment of life has increased significantly and who experience having become more independent in their everyday life. Read about some of our customers below - some of Denmark's coolest cyclists. 

Bike Sanne

Sanne is 65 years old and suffers from the rare disease Spinocerebellar Ataxia – a disease that affects the cerebellum and Susanne's motor skills. 

Without her Viktoria power, her range of movement is very short. So Susanne is very happy with her bicycle, which has given her more independence and joy in life. She herself says: 

"Viktoria has given me everything, she is the reason I can manage myself - she is my life".

Meet Tobias

Tobias is 26 years old. He has Cerebral Palsy, but that doesn't stop him from being a super cool cyclist.

Tobias goes on long cycling trips, most recently he cycled from Southern Jutland to Skagen – a trip of 537 km. 

But he doesn't stop there, he has dreams of both cycling around Bornholm, but also taking a trip abroad

Nicklas' Easy Rider junior

Nicklas, aged 10, has Ceberal Parase and is the happy owner of an Easy Rider Junior. To the great joy of him and the whole family.

In addition to Nicklas being able to get around himself, the bike also helps to strengthen his muscles.


Jens is 101 years old and still active!

On April 7, 2021, we had an article in Jydske Vestkysten about Jens.

4 years ago, Jens bought a used bicycle from us as a 97-year-old. Now Jens is 101 years old and still active, he had covered 20.000 km on his old bike, so a new bike was needed!

Six days a week, Jens cycles for a trip of approx. 30 kilometers in almost all kinds of weather. He's been doing that for years, and he intends to keep doing it.
As Jens himself says: "It's like with horses, you have to keep going".

You can never get too old to ride a bike!

Jens at 101 years old on his Viktor bicycle

98 years and cycling

"Even if you suffer from a lot of osteoarthritis in your shoulders and hips, there is no reason to stop"


19060714448 - ER2

Edith's rescue

Incapacitating rheumatoid arthritis and hypermobility prevented me from outdoor activities and made my life almost unbearable. I had to find a solution to the problems.

A three-wheeled Easy Rider was my salvation!

Ellen on Victoria-power 24. 01. 2009 012
Ellen on her Viktoria Power

Ellen's story

"I felt unsafe driving in traffic. I was simply afraid of falling over, but I didn't want to stop cycling, because it's great to cycle”. That's why Ellen got a Viktoria Power.

Victor Power - BI8502L

Lena and Viktor Power MPF

I am deeply grateful for my bike.

I who thought I dared not get back on a bike at all, wheels off and have reached the 200km in just under 2 months. 

bicycle history 2
Gitte on her Viktoria power

Grid on Viktoria Power

I haven't cycled in the last approx. 20 years. And cycling away was one of the best things I knew. I did not expect or dare to believe that I would ever get to ride a bike again. But after a visit to SANO, it became possible for X to cycle again, but now on a Viktoria Power. Read her entire touching story on the button below


Velo Plus Wheelchair Transporter was shown in TV2 Nyhederne in November 2015

The feature showed a resident, Ellen Olsen, on her weekly drive with a volunteer helper. In the feature, Lars Terkildsen, Project Manager from Housing and Day Services Musvågevej in Copenhagen, told about the project.

Jesper Christensen, Social Mayor of Copenhagen, gave his warmest recommendation for the project, and said
Among other things, the project is unique in that it gives something to the residents that the administration cannot provide.

Verner is driven on Velo Plus for his 100th birthday party - with flags, of course

Protects 100 years

Verner turned 100 years old, so a big party had to be held for Verner at the inn and of course he had to be driven to his party on the care home's Velo Plus!We from Jørn Iversen Rødekro ApS wish Verner another big congratulations on his 100 years! : )

Mette has gained more freedom with her Viktoria bicycle

Mette's History

"It can give me freedom and exercise.

Because that's exactly what Viktoria gives me. Freedom. Independent. Movement."


Margareta from Sweden

"Many of my friends have tried cycling and are very impressed."

Jytte on a bike

The teacher from Otterup

I am very happy that I chose to buy a bike with you. The reason for my satisfaction is due to a fantastic guide throughout. Right from the first phone call to the day I had to try the bike for the first time

Victor Power - BI8502L

Solveig and her Viktor Power

I feel free as a bird and can go where I want without depending on others and that just means everything

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