Municipality application

Help with applying to the municipality


The vast majority of bicycles from Jørn Iversen are approved as a medical product – this means that the bicycles comply with the high requirements for
that the bicycles can be granted by the municipalities as an aid. But how do you do that? On this page we have listed some important points
in connection with the application to the municipality.

Who can apply?

The municipality must provide support for assistive devices for people with permanent reduced physical or mental functioning, if the assistive device:

  1. can substantially remedy the lasting consequences of the reduced functional capacity,
  2. can significantly facilitate daily life at home or
  3. is necessary for the person concerned to carry out a profession.
It is the municipality that decides whether you are entitled to an aid, so you should contact them.
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How do you apply?

If you or the person you are applying to is connected to a municipal or regional institution, you may benefit from contacting the staff, as they will often be able to help with the application process. 

If not, you must apply by filling in a digital application form with your MitID on it

On the button below, you will find a self-service guide on how to search via

The application itself

It is important to be clear in your reasoning when looking for a 3-wheeled bicycle. If any of the points below apply to you, remember to mention them in your application.


  1. The bicycle will give you an opportunity to maintain your life situation, so that you can live on an equal footing with others of the same age and in the same life situation
  2. Increasing the radius of action so that you can move around the local area and thereby continue with your social and leisure activities.
  3. That the bicycle makes you self-reliant and that you can thereby relieve help from outside, this can be close relationships, but also flexible traffic. This can be in connection with shopping, hairdressing, physiotherapy etc
  4.  If secondary health conditions can be improved, e.g. diabetes, pain etc. Emphasis can be placed here if additional help from the municipality can be avoided.  

Choice of bike

With us, we always carry out tests before a possible sales. We have good cooperation with the municipalities around Denmark. Whether you try the bike before an application or after is a matter of taste and preference. The following considerations are important to consider when choosing a bicycle:

  1. Getting on and off (if there are balance problems, a low entry height is important)
  2. Is there a need for strengthening of the feet or upper body
  3. Be sure to test the bike on different terrains. Do you feel confident on the bike?
  4.  Make sure to make turns with the bike, both small but also U-turns. Are you challenged on balance, arm strength etc.?
  5. Be sure to test the brake - how does it feel on your fingers, wrists, feet, etc.  

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