We now offer leasing of bicycles, both for individuals and institutions.

The leasing agreement is for you who would like to have a fixed monthly expense on your/your bicycle. With a leasing agreement, there are no unforeseen expenses. 
The price for leasing is incl. all repairs and service visits, so you can just use your energy on cycling.

The leasing agreement covers:
Change of tyres, hoses and other wearing parts.
Punctures are also included in the price if puncture-free tires are purchased from the start.
Change of batteries.

The bike will be delivered and instructed at your place.

Should the accident happen and something happens to your bicycle, Jørn Iversen Rødekro ApS will come to your address to repair the damage within 5 working days.

With the first deposit, a set-up fee is paid and then a low fixed monthly payment for 60 months. After 60 months (5 years), the bike can be bought free of 20% of the new value.

Additional information.
It is assumed that the bicycle is kept insured - your responsibility.
It is assumed that the monthly benefit is paid over BS.

You are welcome to contact us if a leasing agreement seems interesting to you or if you have further questions - 74 66 92 42.

*Does not apply in the event of mishandling, vandalism or accidents.