Company Tour

Friday, May 8 is one of the days that should be written into the history books.
Partly because we chose to lock the doors and leave every man on company visits, this has not happened before in the company's 32 years of work, and partly because the company we visited was something very special.
We were going to visit the company A TECHNIQUE A / S - Mørksøvej 11 - DK-8600 Silkeborg, by Anette and Thomas Schmidt.
We arrived by boat from Ry, and were picked up by Anette and Thomas in Silkeborg. When we arrived at the corporate address, the red carpet was rolled out.
Thomas explained with words and arm gestures what it was they produced, he made it very alive and everyone with us thought it was a great experience.
The company lives just like us of niche products, but theirs is quite another they make special systems developed for degreasing, cleaning and wet blowing both oiled and heavily soiled metal surfaces.
Anette had a good taste for us all day.
Many thanks from Hele Jørn Iversen Rødekro APS to Anette and Thomas for the great experience you gave us.

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