A tricycle is the perfect companion for you who can't settle for a two wheel bike.

Designed and built in Denmark

The freedom to get around anywhere and anytime means a lot to us all. We offer tools that combine perfect functionality with a smart and appealing design - for example tricycles.

If a 3-wheel bike can't quite meet your needs, take a look at electric scooters. An extremely elegant and comfortable solution where you can transport yourself not just from place to place, but for example. also all the way into the stores when you have to make daily purchases.

Try your chosen vehicle for a week!

When it comes to tricycles and electric scooters, you can take advantage of the unique opportunity to try the device for a week! If you wish, we will bring you the bike or electric scooter for you and give you driving training so you can get the full benefit of your trial.

Private customers:
If you do not want the vehicle against our expectation, it will cost you only 500 kr if we have to pick up. We come all over the country!

Large selection of accessories

We have a wide range of accessories such as rains for electric scooters and wheelchairs, seat covers, cover garages and much more.

Finally, ask if you are looking for a product that you cannot immediately find here on the website - we have a solution for you!

Contact us and get good advice
We are ready by the phone at 74 66 92 42 with the advice and guidance you need. We have more than 20 years of valuable experience with assistive technology, and our advice is of course also free. We are looking forward to hear from you!
Member of Danish.Care industry association

We are a member of Danish.Care Industry Association, which is a Danish trade association for assistive technology, welfare technology and services in the auxiliary and care area.