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Tricycles are something special!

Safety. Quality in the detail. Comfort. Modern design. Advanced technology. The tricycles from Jørn Iversen are designed and built with careful thought for all details. It is not a re-built two-wheeler you get, but a highly specialised means of transport, well thought-through and with your special situation taken into consideration.

Tricycles - Purpose-built for the Users

At Jørn Iversen we value the close contact with our users and customers. Because we ask and listen, our products are under constant development. And you, as a valued customer will benefit from this. Every time you get up on one of our tricycles you will notice how easy and safe it feels, thanks to the minimal mounting height. When cycling, you can really feel how stable the bike is to drive – also in the curves. The tricycles from Jørn Iversen are designed with built-in safety and comfort.

Tricycles for Everyone

Jørn Iversen offers a wide range of tricycles: tricycles for children, for adults, for senior citizens. The large accessories program ensures a perfect tricycle setup for everyone and all needs.


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